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DIY Dutch Door

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One of many “my wife saw it on Pinterest” projects – next was a Dutch door project at the bottom of our stairs at the entry to the basement.  Having the dutch door here will act as a baby/dog gate, and keep the downstairs more easily connected to up during social functions, or just normal […]

Configure Honeywell Wifi Thermostat Binding for OpenHab2

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I started working on setting up OpenHab as a home automation hub using an old laptop and a Z-Stick.  My main requirement is to be able to hook up my thermostat, as everything Z-Wave looks pretty straightforward.  My thermostat is a Honeywell WiFi enabled thermostat, which links up to their My Total Connect Comfort site. […]

Delta Monitor shower faucet low water pressure

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Recently, my old plumbing decided to choke up a round of sediment, wreaking havoc on all the little holes in my plumbing fixtures.  Now the shower has very low water pressure, this time would be round two of clearing out the cartridge – but of course nothing goes as planned.  The faucet is a standard […]

Install 8GB of RAM in Intel PM965 Chipset

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In my quest to keep upgrading I was greatly disappointed to see the specs for my 2007 HP Pavillion dv2500 laptop was a maximum of 4GB of RAM.  I had already upgraded it to that much, and need to upgrade another laptop in the house – nothing I love more than the opportunity to kill […]

Start synergy script Mac OSX Client to Windows Host

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I’ve long been a synergy fan, and found that especially at work that multiple monitors work best when spread across extra computers.  It’s like physical distributed computing.  Now, part of learning how to work on a MacBook is being lazy and wanting to control it from my main windows machine, so I don’t have to do […]

Upgrade HP laptop to unsupported WiFi card

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I’ve got a HP dv2500 I bought in late 2007, as standard practice I’m constantly updating hardware to see how long I can stretch its useful life…  A while ago on Newegg I found a Wireless N card for just under $30: (discontinued) – try, perfect right?  This card is also a mini-PCIe card, so […]

d3js multi-time series, timeline or lane charts

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I’m starting to play with as it appears to be the way of the future for data visualizations. I’ve set out to create an app that serves and displays images that are in a chronological order in some kind of time-series/timeline, almost a filmstrip like way.  I’ve come across some great examples of a few d3 charts, including […]

Sticky/Squealing Ratchet Starter Briggs and Stratton

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It’s taken me far longer than it should, but I’ve finally gotten my McLane Edger craigslist score in a proper working order. The original issue had always been an awful squealing noise that would totally un-wind the pull cord in disastrous fashion. A secondary issue was that the cutter arm was totally frozen, would not […]

Install OTA HD Antenna – cut the Comcast Cord

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I won’t rant for too long about the great Sham that is Comcast, but remember the big HD TV transition?  With Comcast you “didn’t need to do anything”, right – nothing except get some set top boxes for each TV in your home if you wanted to retain the same programming.  Oh – and you […]