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Dark Social: What it isn't.

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I’d heard the term “Dark Social” on a client call about two months ago, I googled it and balked at the definition. “Dark social describes any web traffic that’s not attributed to a known source” Allegedly coined by this article, which does call out important points about the whole theory – however in a very flowery […]

Human Cookie?: The Blockshopper Scam

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This is something that came up not too long after I may or may not have bought a house a while ago.  Thought it was worth posting as there are still a large number of frustrated people on the internet.  When googling myself I found an interesting “article” about a home purchase titled: “Media technology […]

Neighborhood Blogs: helicopter sightings

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Have you found your local neighborhood blog yet?  They’re all the rage, informative, community-oriented, and often quite amusing.  One of the frequent “hot topics” is: WTF Just flew over my house!? Pretty much any low-flying object (including exotic birds) will warrant FULL coverage on your local blog.  I decided to scientifically collect some data on […]