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Tunneling Slack traffic through ssh tunnels

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After using Slack for about a week or so, I was suddenly greeted by a corporate IT policy that blocked the domain… Bored of not having it I found a way this morning to selectively send my traffic through an SSH tunnel, leaving all other traffic to flow through it’s normal routes on VPN.  I’m […]

Dark Social: What it isn't.

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I’d heard the term “Dark Social” on a client call about two months ago, I googled it and balked at the definition. “Dark social describes any web traffic that’s not attributed to a known source” Allegedly coined by this article, which does call out important points about the whole theory – however in a very flowery […]

Check/Read Messages Exchange/Office365 Inbox with Powershell

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We have a process by which notifications of new users in another system, that need to get created in ours are sent via Email to a standalone inbox.  The new user emails have to be read and entered into the system based on the information provided (Name, and Email).  We get 10-20 a week, and […]

Parsing Querystring Values in Fiddler Custom Rules

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  I’ve been hot-rodding Fiddler for some time now to make my life a lot easier when debugging my site tagging and analytics tracking requests.  You can customize just about anything within the sessions window from the color, background, custom columns to the request it actually makes.  I’d previously created a custom column called “EventType”, which […]

Connect Pentaho/Mondrian Schema Workbench to Amazon Redshift

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The more you play with big data technologies, the more you end up circling back to the basic question “How does my end user get access/value?”.  Currently we’re using Amazon Redshift as a down and dirty query window on top of our raw data.  Recently, I’ve started to try and run Mondrian OLAP against redshift. […]

Setup Mondrian on Mac OSX

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The Mondrian documentation is terrible, and Java isn’t something you get to easily “dabble” in.  My goal was to setup Mondrian on my Mac OSX machine, starting with Mondrian 3.5.  While trying to set up the initial FoodMart sample dataset I ran into a bunch of java errors, always something like Exception in thread “main” […]

Mysql function to get querystring parameter of url

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Not suprisingly, most google results only returned things for doing this within some kind of PHP application.  Probably because nobody belives in MySQL as a data warehouse, or a place to parse strings… In the do with what you have environment of a startup, I do not have that luxury.  This function so far works […]

Start synergy script Mac OSX Client to Windows Host

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I’ve long been a synergy fan, and found that especially at work that multiple monitors work best when spread across extra computers.  It’s like physical distributed computing.  Now, part of learning how to work on a MacBook is being lazy and wanting to control it from my main windows machine, so I don’t have to do […]

Set additional label based on event for Quantcast

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Quantcast is a great resource and data source for site owners and clients.  One of the first to provide demographics data in the web analytics space.  Thier feature for “labels” or “Audience Segments” as its also known is an even more powerful way to extend and get more out of this demographic data as it […]

PhantomJS and asynchronous resources after load

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I’ve been dabbling with PhantomJS for about the past 3 months and just “picked up my pen” again this week. I’m trying to write some automated testing around tag resources loading onto the page.,function(status){ if(status==’success’){ var check = page.evaluate(function(){ return window._blah?true:false; }); } }); What I noticed was varying results as to certain tags being […]