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Dark Social: What it isn't.

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I’d heard the term “Dark Social” on a client call about two months ago, I googled it and balked at the definition. “Dark social describes any web traffic that’s not attributed to a known source” Allegedly coined by this article, which does call out important points about the whole theory – however in a very flowery […]

The Problem with CORS

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Cross Origin Resource Sharing (CORS) is intended to be revolutionary, empowering the web to push and pull data from everywhere.  In reality I see this causing more problems than helping anyone.  Note: I’ll use XMLHTTP instead of AJAX since the latter is so overloaded… 1. It breaks the cross-domain paradigm This is really all I […]

Usability: Degraded

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Recently I’ve come across two cases where it appears in the interest of usability, we’ve gone too far and invaded what I thought used to be “boundaries” for UX, and proper accessibility practice. 1. Google Hijacking My Down Arrow Have you ever gone to a google search result page and tried to use your down […]

Future of King County Metro – get free bus fare!

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The new $20 car licensing fee will allegedly save massive cuts in bus service.  The free-ride zone is also being axed, but a new perk also popped up as I was reading this article: Metro plans to hand out eight free bus vouchers when vehicles are licensed under a “Transit Incentive Program.” Say what?  I […]

Human Cookie?: The Blockshopper Scam

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This is something that came up not too long after I may or may not have bought a house a while ago.  Thought it was worth posting as there are still a large number of frustrated people on the internet.  When googling myself I found an interesting “article” about a home purchase titled: “Media technology […]

OLAP: Make XML(A) work for you

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The bread and butter at work is all the magic that happens in OLAP, Microsoft Analysis Services in particular. Alot of people assume OLAP is going the way of the Buffalo, they probably also like buzzwords such as “nosql”, “bigdata”. I won’t argue that OLAP has a pretty high barrier to entry, as well as […]

Neighborhood Blogs: helicopter sightings

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Have you found your local neighborhood blog yet?  They’re all the rage, informative, community-oriented, and often quite amusing.  One of the frequent “hot topics” is: WTF Just flew over my house!? Pretty much any low-flying object (including exotic birds) will warrant FULL coverage on your local blog.  I decided to scientifically collect some data on […]