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The Problem with CORS

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Cross Origin Resource Sharing (CORS) is intended to be revolutionary, empowering the web to push and pull data from everywhere.  In reality I see this causing more problems than helping anyone.  Note: I’ll use XMLHTTP instead of AJAX since the latter is so overloaded… 1. It breaks the cross-domain paradigm This is really all I […]

Parsing Querystring Values in Fiddler Custom Rules

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  I’ve been hot-rodding Fiddler for some time now to make my life a lot easier when debugging my site tagging and analytics tracking requests.  You can customize just about anything within the sessions window from the color, background, custom columns to the request it actually makes.  I’d previously created a custom column called “EventType”, which […]

Capture form submission buried in ajax/javascript and no easy event handler

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When trying to capture a successful form submission or user action, sometimes they are buried deep within Javascript libraries, or on page widgets, with no good way to reliably tie into their events.  These are cases where the typical onclick may not be a good enough proxy if you can’t capture failures, errors, or the […]

d3js multi-time series, timeline or lane charts

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I’m starting to play with as it appears to be the way of the future for data visualizations. I’ve set out to create an app that serves and displays images that are in a chronological order in some kind of time-series/timeline, almost a filmstrip like way.  I’ve come across some great examples of a few d3 charts, including […]

Set additional label based on event for Quantcast

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Quantcast is a great resource and data source for site owners and clients.  One of the first to provide demographics data in the web analytics space.  Thier feature for “labels” or “Audience Segments” as its also known is an even more powerful way to extend and get more out of this demographic data as it […]

PhantomJS and asynchronous resources after load

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I’ve been dabbling with PhantomJS for about the past 3 months and just “picked up my pen” again this week. I’m trying to write some automated testing around tag resources loading onto the page.,function(status){ if(status==’success’){ var check = page.evaluate(function(){ return window._blah?true:false; }); } }); What I noticed was varying results as to certain tags being […]