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Configure Honeywell Wifi Thermostat Binding for OpenHab2

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I started working on setting up OpenHab as a home automation hub using an old laptop and a Z-Stick.  My main requirement is to be able to hook up my thermostat, as everything Z-Wave looks pretty straightforward.  My thermostat is a Honeywell WiFi enabled thermostat, which links up to their My Total Connect Comfort site. […]

Connect Pentaho/Mondrian Schema Workbench to Amazon Redshift

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The more you play with big data technologies, the more you end up circling back to the basic question “How does my end user get access/value?”.  Currently we’re using Amazon Redshift as a down and dirty query window on top of our raw data.  Recently, I’ve started to try and run Mondrian OLAP against redshift. […]

Setup Mondrian on Mac OSX

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The Mondrian documentation is terrible, and Java isn’t something you get to easily “dabble” in.  My goal was to setup Mondrian on my Mac OSX machine, starting with Mondrian 3.5.  While trying to set up the initial FoodMart sample dataset I ran into a bunch of java errors, always something like Exception in thread “main” […]

EASILY Bulk Load files into a table with different columns

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with NO FORMAT FILE! I consider this a gem just hiding on the MSDN docs : Using BULK IMPORT on a View The following example creates the v_myTestSkipCol on the myTestSkipCol table. This view skips the second table column, Col2. The example then uses BULK INSERT to import the myTestSkipCol2.dat data file into this view. […]


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Yes, ALL CAPS, here is EXACTLY what I want to do: Add new column to google spreadsheet using java api Maybe now that term will be google-able? As with everything handy, it’s impossible to find what you need in the documentation, or on the broader internets. The fun part about google spreadsheets via the API […]