d3js multi-time series, timeline or lane charts

I’m starting to play with http://d3js.org/ as it appears to be the way of the future for data visualizations.

I’ve set out to create an app that serves and displays images that are in a chronological order in some kind of time-series/timeline, almost a filmstrip like way.  I’ve come across some great examples of a few d3 charts, including the convention of a “lane” chart which is perfect for any kind of multi-series setup which I may have.

d3 timeline/time-series with selection-zoom

d3 “cubism”, multiple stacked time-series

simple multi-series timeline and/or “lane” chart

“swimlane” chart using d3

Between the above you get an interesting mix of different axes, interaction between charts, laying out different types of data, and selection methods.

If I finish what I’m doing and make it presentable, I’ll certainly share.

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