Install 8GB of RAM in Intel PM965 Chipset

In my quest to keep upgrading I was greatly disappointed to see the specs for my 2007 HP Pavillion dv2500 laptop was a maximum of 4GB of RAM.  I had already upgraded it to that much, and need to upgrade another laptop in the house – nothing I love more than the opportunity to kill two birds with one stone.  Through research I learned that the limit is actually based on your processor chipset, mine an Intel PM965.  However both the specs for the chipset, and Crucial still tell me 4GB max.  I didn’t believe it and enough of the Googles told me that: chances are it will support 8GB.

Proof is in the picture, slapped them in, started up, and I’ve got 8GB!  For RAM I have had the best luck and least problems with Crucial memory, and you can get through Amazon cheaper than, and Prime shipping:Crucial CT2KIT51264AC667 8GB (4GBx2) 200-pin SODIMM DDR2 PC2-5300 Memory Module

2 thoughts on “Install 8GB of RAM in Intel PM965 Chipset

  1. Hi,
    Thanks for telling us about your experience with the Intel PM965 Chipset. I was unsure if my old Dell XPS1330 was gonna work with 8GB RAM, but thanks to this post, I got the courage to try it.

    I am from Chile, so I had to order two DDR2 4GB 667MHz SoDIMM from a seller called RAMAIGO in AliExpress, from China. This is 2020, and after thorough search, this was the only place I found they sold 4GB DDR2. Total cost (without delivery) was 75 USD.

    The delivery took two months, but it worked like a charm! Installed Ubuntu 20.04LTS and now the old laptop flies!

    Conclusion: I can confirm the Intel PM965 Chipset works with 8GB RAM, even though the official technical specifications mention it can handle a maximum of 4GB.

    Thanks again!

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