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Connect Pentaho/Mondrian Schema Workbench to Amazon Redshift

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The more you play with big data technologies, the more you end up circling back to the basic question “How does my end user get access/value?”.  Currently we’re using Amazon Redshift as a down and dirty query window on top of our raw data.  Recently, I’ve started to try and run Mondrian OLAP against redshift. […]

Setup Mondrian on Mac OSX

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The Mondrian documentation is terrible, and Java isn’t something you get to easily “dabble” in.  My goal was to setup Mondrian on my Mac OSX machine, starting with Mondrian 3.5.  While trying to set up the initial FoodMart sample dataset I ran into a bunch of java errors, always something like Exception in thread “main” […]

Analysis Services Add role members programmatically in C#

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First, I don’t know why; but it seems like as soon as you add in the word OLAP or Analysis Services to your problem things just stop working as you would normally expect. Problem: I’m using NAnt as a deployment tool for Database versioning and MS OLAP deployment in multiple environments. My service accounts aren’t […]

OLAP: Make XML(A) work for you

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The bread and butter at work is all the magic that happens in OLAP, Microsoft Analysis Services in particular. Alot of people assume OLAP is going the way of the Buffalo, they probably also like buzzwords such as “nosql”, “bigdata”. I won’t argue that OLAP has a pretty high barrier to entry, as well as […]