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The Problem with CORS

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Cross Origin Resource Sharing (CORS) is intended to be revolutionary, empowering the web to push and pull data from everywhere.  In reality I see this causing more problems than helping anyone.  Note: I’ll use XMLHTTP instead of AJAX since the latter is so overloaded… 1. It breaks the cross-domain paradigm This is really all I […]

Capture form submission buried in ajax/javascript and no easy event handler

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When trying to capture a successful form submission or user action, sometimes they are buried deep within Javascript libraries, or on page widgets, with no good way to reliably tie into their events.  These are cases where the typical onclick may not be a good enough proxy if you can’t capture failures, errors, or the […]

Web Analytics/Media Tagging on AJAX Pages

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More often than not a site build is deployed with little focus on analytics or any kind of measurement in mind- or, if it was; it was built against a moving target which is now little help to the current needs for site-tagging to facilitate your marketing goals. A common scenario I see regularly is […]