Neighborhood Blogs: helicopter sightings

Have you found your local neighborhood blog yet?  They’re all the rage, informative, community-oriented, and often quite amusing.  One of the frequent “hot topics” is:

WTF Just flew over my house!?

Pretty much any low-flying object (including exotic birds) will warrant FULL coverage on your local blog.  I decided to scientifically collect some data on the keywords “loud” and “helicopter” specifically.  (using google site: specific search):

West Seattle Blog (412)(1,250)

[edit]WS Blog’s Twitter thingy inflated results due to the mention in the Roosiehood tweet about the ‘copters… Advanced search to the rescue, still winners by a longshot[/edit]

My Ballard (67)

Capitol Hill (29)

Roosiehood (2):

No big surprise there, West Seattleites take the cake…  I wondered about this after a late-night ‘hood flyover of some millitary choppers. Thanks to the Twitter @RavennaBlog via Roosiehood, of course there was a morning follow up…

And I think the Ravenna Blog deserves a special shout out for what I would deem proper “Social Media Hierarchy Waterfall” implementation.  They know the difference between what deserves an entire blog post vs what “belongs” on Twitter…

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